you -

w & w is about bringing you closer to your authentic self. it’s about surrounding you with things that make you feel like you, or remind you (and others) of you. i’m here to work together to create heirloom items that capture something about your essence. or, maybe you’ll stumble upon an already-made something here that feels like happening upon a part of yourself. either way, the main goal here is to build something together, be it your home, your wardrobe or a unique memory.

texture and color - 

texture is fundamental for mental and visual stimulation and comfort, and i feel that contemporary human spaces could benefit from more of it. sometimes the eye just needs interesting movement on a surface for a person to fall freely into deep thought. and color - well, it's been proven that colors lift the spirit in cold and lonely times. 


sustainability - 

my intent behind upcycling used and vintage clothing is to slow fast fashion down by making clothing items so unique and lovable that they become less disposable, thus cutting textile waste a bit. plus, there’s so much great clothing out there that’s already made and is full of personality and stories, why not give it the privilege of being part of your life?

did you know that the average american trashes around 70 lbs of textiles a year? the united states disposes of around 25 billion pounds of textiles each year and only about 15% of those are recovered for reuse or recycling (according to the EPA -

many of the placemats i make are handwoven out of hand-cut plastic bags. the fabric on the backs of my pillowcases is organic cotton when i can find it. the same goes for all the cloth napkins. i use waste upholstery fabric to make my napkin rings. the cardboard boxes, envelopes, cushioning, card-stock and tissue paper that you get when you receive a package from w & w are either made from recycled material, are recyclable, or both. while i used to be able to source eco-filler for my throw pillows, my supplier stopped carrying it. it was hard to decide on what to do instead; rather than choose down or feathers i went with faux down, which is polyester. i don’t love buying plastic but the alternative is down that isn’t guaranteed humane and I have an issue with that as well. If you know of an eco pillow fillers that can be made to order, please let me know!

basically, i can’t start a business at this point in our human existence on this planet without taking sustainability into account. in my opinion, it’s the only responsible and ethical approach, and i plan on finding ways to become more and more green and on making my processes for using plastic bags and waste material more efficient and streamlined so that I can make as many things as possible out of these materials.  

art first - 

w & w is about making wearable and usable art - approaching making a useable thing by thinking of the art of it first and then forming that into something practical, efficient and long-lasting. creating abstract and impressionistic designs brings me joy. every item made here is one of a kind, even those that i reproduce. because I make everything by hand with thought, care and love, there can be no two identical items!



hi, friends! my name is brielle duflon and i'm currently the only person behind window & wing. i've always precariously walked the line between art and craft but it feels like i was destined to as the daughter of a printmaker/painter/ceramicist and a photographer/woodworker/architect (i mean, right?!).  basically, i love making things. i watched my parents make lots of things throughout my childhood; we repaired broken things and we fixed sad things up. 

i spent the first 18 years of my life in antigua, guatemala and i am starting to see now how inextricable my sensory experiences there were from the things i make and what i am drawn to in my heart and bones. i am a colorist and texturist and i owe a lot of that to simply being surrounded by color and texture year-round as i was becoming a human. many of the textures and colors you will find here might be traced back to guatemala. if it's not guatemala, then it is nature, another magnificent source of inspiration for me. 

i work out of my studio at the mcGuffey art center in downtown charlottesville, va. you can stop by and visit anytime! 

if you're curious about my conceptual art pursuits, visit my website here.