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window & wing offers a wide variety of services: custom hand embroidery on your clothing or other fabric items (more info on this HERE), custom handwoven goods for your home or other spaces, custom large-scale installations or wallhangings for your spaces or events (more info on this HERE). We also patch clothing or upholstery in an artful way (we don’t offer re-upholstery services), make party favors, and hand-sew or machine-sew items. Look at the gallery below the contact form to see examples of custom work we’ve done!

Complete the form below to start a conversation about any kind of custom job you might want done - we will be honest with you about whether it’s something we can do or not. If it is something we can do, we’ll quote a price for you and give you a timeline after you reach out. you will also be asked to pay a deposit up front once you’ve committed to a project.

thanks so much for your interest! looking forward to working with you <3

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