can i return an item i purchase? 

yes! if you don't feel 100% about something, i would rather the item found the best home! i know how tricky sizing can be with clothing, vintage items in particular - or maybe something isn't what you expected.  if you need to return something, you can send your item to: 

Brielle DuFlon

910 Nassau St.

Charlottesville, VA 22902

i will refund your item upon receiving it, provided it is in the same condition you received it in. please use the same shipping materials to return the item to me if possible so that it stays safe and so that we don't create more shipping waste! you will have to pay for return shipping, but that is all. 


are your shipping and packaging materials eco-friendly?

most of them, yes! I spent a lot of time finding as many recycled and recyclable materials possible to package and ship my products in. head to the “mission”  page to read more about how W & W makes sustainable choices.

will you ship internationally? 

yes! additional fees will apply, i’ll be in touch about these after purchase.  


why Window & Wing?  

my slogan "for your space and spirit" describes what I mean. the window alludes to a human-made dwelling and space, the wing alludes to our spirits, our souls, our authentic selves, our most free, most genuine. both images are light and open, both delicate and strong. 


can i commission you to embroider my clothes? 

yes! i upload "custom embroidery reservation" slots every month. i have them available before the month begins, usually at the beginning of the previous month. if you purchase one, that secures you a place in line and makes your piece a priority for me. "purchasing" the reservation costs $50, which serves as a deposit and contributes to your total. $50 is two hours of work, my minimum for an embroidery commission. purchasing a reservation slot gets the conversation going - i use the contact information from your purchase to get in touch so we can start talking about what you'd like. i’ll quote you a price based on how many hours i think your piece will take (this is ballpark and might vary a little bit). currently, i charge 25$ an hour + shipping. if the price sounds good, you'll send me your item, i'll draft a drawing and once you approve it, i'll get to work! depending on where you are in line and what you want done, your item could be done within the month or could take a little longer. <3