Large White/Multi Pillow

Large White/Multi Pillow

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This long elegant pillow is truly beautiful and holds so many off-white textures and patterns that vary in opacity, sometimes letting the multicolored warp shine through. It has a light presence but could work with a variety of colors because of the warp. It was handwoven on a Macomber 10-Harness loom. The organic cotton backing of this pillow is a beautiful earthy orange that matches the orange yarn in the weaving. The back of this pillowcase ties together in three places.

The pillow inside this pillowcase is filled with very finely shredded plastic bottles inside an unbleached cotton shell, because there’s too much plastic in the world and we best put it to use.

The yarns in this weaving are wool, chenille and cotton.

Dimensions: 23” x 16”

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