citrus recycled bag placemats

citrus recycled bag placemats


these gorgeous handwoven placemats are made entirely out of hand-cut plastic bags that were intercepted on their way to the landfill woven onto a nylon warp. these placemats include produce bags, bread bags and the bags that your newspaper comes in as well as some stray yellow bags. I take bag donations anytime, as I would love to continue making these and they require quite a few bags to make an edition (thus, small editions). the edges of these placemats are sealed under high heat. none of these are identical, but i do my best to make them as alike as possible.

sold as a set of two.

WARNING: might contain trace gluten, tree nuts, peanuts. If you are allergic to any of these things or live with someone who is, do not purchase these placemats.

dimensions: approx 12” x 15”

because these placemats are made entirely of plastic they can be washed GENTLY in the sink and dried on the drying rack. despite being made out of plastic, this is a handwoven product and should be treated with care. DO NOT PULL ON THE SIDES OF THIS PLACEMAT. The heat sealer is strong but can’t withstand excessive force.

* i did not invent the concept of weaving with plastic bags, this idea was introduced to me by Olga Reiche, a textile designer in Guatemala.

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